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Got lots of dupes?

Needing to shift your duplicate hits and don't want to spend the time individually listing or selling each card....? Well we are here ready to take those dupes and convert them in to cash or trade them for our sealed products!

Find out more below!

Buying Collections

If you have a full set or collections you are looking to get rid of, we are here ready to either trade them for sealed product or pay you cash. Find out more below

We have the option to accept singles for sealed product or cash and there are a few helpful bits of information below to help you understand the options.

How does it work?

You can use your singles to exchange against our TikTok Shop or website products. Cards outside of our Standard Card Rates below will be priced at 80% from the latest eBay solds. A cash option is available instead of sealed, but the overall rate will be further reduced by 25%.We currently are only accepting bundles/collections that include Rainbows, Golds, Full Arts, Alt Arts, TG/GG full arts etc - if those are present we will then accept V/VMAX/Radiants etc (may be a cap on how many)Our standard rates cover English Pokemon but we do accept cards from other languages and TCGs so please get in touch to discuss.

Standard Card Rates:


V/EX = £0.50

Radiants = £0.50

Standard TG/GG = £0.75

VMAX/VSTAR = £0.75

Promos = £0.50


R/RR = £0.25

RRR = £0.50

AR = £0.50



Masterball = TBC

There are sometimes exceptions to the above rules and a couple of examples would be alt arts Radiant Charizards, or more sought after V Promos. This will be assessed at the time of pricing your cards.

How it works:

If you are interested in the option for Singles for Sealed/Cash you will need to provide pictures of your cards (this can be multiple cards in one image or a page of a binder) we will assume conditions on all cards are mint with no noticeable damage unless specified by yourself.We will price up the cards based upon the images provided and make you a no obligation offer.

Ready to get in touch?

Why not contact us to begin discussing our trade/buy options!

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